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Concord Christian Church: Minister Lee A. Todd
Lee A. Todd was born and raised in the Kiamichi Mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma. He is one of eleven children of Cecil and Emily Todd. While a Freshman at Ozark Bible College, he started preaching at Concord Christian Church in October 1955.

He married Wanda L. Jennings in 1958, the first wedding in Concord Church. He graduated from Ozark Bible College in 1959. He has continued as Concord's minister for almost 47 years except for two years when Lee and his wife, Wanda, ministered to a new church in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Lee has 8 brothers, 4 are ordained ministers, and 2 sisters who are married to ordained ministers. During Lee's 47 ministry, he has held 200 weddings and several hundred funerals.

Concord built a new building in 1976. A new education building addition was built in 1991. Concord has approved to build a new building having new classrooms, indoor baptistry and fellowship hall.

Our church has grown to attendance over 100 regularly. Concord started a new Nursery Class of two and three year old children that is having up to 12. Rita Pemberton and Kristen Tucker are have lots of fun teaching this new class.

We have 12 and more in our Teens class. Their teachers are Wanda Swenson and Johnny and Elsie Purdue.

Our church's theme is, "Christ in you, the hope of Glory." God is bless our church family. Everyone says, "To God be the Glory."